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Health and Physical Education


Podcast episodes are released the second and fourth Tuesday of every month.


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Meet the hosts of our Podcasts!

Matt Pomeroy, podcast host

Matt Pomeroy has been teaching health, physical education and adapted physical education in Merton, WI, since 2004. He has been a contributor to the PHYSEDagogy blog since 2013. Matt is currently chair of the SHAPE America Midwest District Professional Development Committee. A huge proponent of lifetime physical fitness and fitness-related sport activities, Matt enjoys finding, creating and implementing new activities into his curriculum every year. He strongly believes that educators must keep things fresh and exciting to keep students motivated and engaged in physical education so they will be fit for life!
Twitter: @Physed_Pomeroy  

Picture of Collin podcast hostCollin Brooks is a National Board Certified Elementary Physical Educator with a passion for teacher analysis/improvement, incorporating meaningful technology into the physical education classroom, and increasing opportunities for physical activity outside of class. He currently serves as the a Board of Director for SHAPE America and Past President of  Oregon SHAPE. Collin has been a contributor to PHYSEDagogy since 2014, and is an active leader in the online digital community of physical educators on Twitter. 

Upcoming Podcast Topics

  • Outdoor Education
  • Anything else?
  • Health Curriculum Ideas
  • PE Curriculum Ideas
  • Health Classroom Management
  • Back to School… what to do

Be sure to check back often for more exciting Podcast topics! If you have questions or topics you'd like to hear discussed, email us at podcast@shapeamerica.org.

How Do I Listen?

Listen to the podcast from this webpage

SHAPE America Podcast 

Download the podcast to your preferred device (phone, tablet, etc.)

  • iPhone users: Open the iPhone Podcast app on your phone.


    Click the search icon and enter "SHAPE America Podcast." When the SHAPE America Podcast icon and title appears, click on it to download the podcast. If you'd like new episodes to load automatically each month, subscribe to the feed.

  • Android users: Download the Podomatic app to your device, then search for the SHAPE America Podcast. Again, make sure you subscribe to the feed so you never miss a new episode!